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Board Members and Senior Management

The Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Land Manager (SMC NSW) consisting of Woronora Memorial Park and the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, was established under NSW Gazette official notices on the 3rd August 2012.  Cemetery operations commenced at Matraville in 1893, and Woronora from 1895.

We’re proud of our strong community links through our Board, consisting of seven members. Appointed by the Minister for Lands to five-year terms our Board Members come from all walks of life and backgrounds, reflecting contemporary needs and values.

Our vision at Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park is ‘from our Community and for our Community’. With vision provided by the Board, planning and good management built on sustainable arrangements, the cemeteries of the SMC NSW will continue to make a positive difference for our community which is and will be represented through millions of lives for numerous generations yet to be born.

Our staff give from themselves to make a positive difference to people’s lives, when families are facing the most adverse circumstances. The SMC NSW is a team that continues to bring compassion, high standards and solace to Sydney’s families, with a guarantee that, through our proper planning, our cemeteries will be here, forever.

Board Members

  • Joanne Muller (Chair)
  • Maria Cosmidis (on leave, returning January 2020) 
  • Clare Donnellan 
  • Jennifer Hickey 

Senior Management

  • Isabelle Meyer, Interim Chief Executive Officer

Woronora Memorial Park
Caring for our Community
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