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Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing prepares you for the passing of a loved one and there are many decisions to be made about their funeral and memorial. At Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, we understand. Here are some answers to make it easier for you to plan at a very difficult time. Remember we’re here to help you with the very best care, exceptional facilities and experienced advice whenever you need us.

What do I do immediately after a loved one passes away?

The first thing we suggest is that you call someone to be with you, your partner, family member or friend as you will be feeling a great sense of shock and grief. If a loved one has passed away at home, ask them to call your family doctor. They’ll sign the death certificate, which is needed by law.

We’re here to help.

Please call us on 02 9661 5655 to discuss the way you would like to remember your loved one at Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park.

Who are some people I should notify?

As well as close relatives and friends, many other people and organisations will be affected by your loved one’s passing. Here’s our handy checklist of other people you might need to notify.

  • Australian Tax Office
  • Doctor/Accountant/Dentist/Chemist
  • Banks/Building Societies/Credit Unions
  • Credit Card Providers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Superannuation Fund
  • Centrelink/Medicare
  • Electricity/Gas/Telephone Companies
  • Electoral Office
  • Solicitor and/or Public Trustee
  • RTA (car registration/driver’s license)
  • Home Nursing Service/Meals on Wheels
  • Landlord or Housing Authority
  • Clubs/Service Organisations
  • Veteran’s Affairs

How soon can a funeral take place?

Depending on your wishes and if there are no concerns regarding sudden or accidental death, a funeral can happen within several days.

What are my funeral choices?

There are many ways you can celebrate a life, depending on the personality of your loved one, as well as their spiritual beliefs, culture and background. Your Funeral Director will help you co-ordinate the details and choose a coffin that reflects their special interests. Poems, music and readings that mean a lot to them also make their funeral very special.

Ask your Funeral Director about our beautiful chapels at Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park. They’re fully equipped to meet your needs with multi-media facilities and quiet rooms for closed circuit TV viewing. Surrounded by private landscaped gardens, both our chapels have disabled access and are available for both cremation and burial services.

What’s the difference between cremation and burial?

Quite simply, burial is when the casket is lowered into the ground. At Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, we offer a choice of beautifully landscaped lawns where you can remember your loved one with a personalised plaque or headstone.

For cremations, ashes are created from both casket and the life to be remembered in our state of the art facilities. You can then memorialise your loved one in one of our many beautiful landscaped gardens.

If I choose cremation, can I still have a service?

We encourage a memorial service as a special way for close relatives and friends to say goodbye. At Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, our chapels are the perfect setting.

Should I have a viewing?

This very personal decision is your choice. It can help you and your family say your final goodbyes, offering a sense of closure and peace, as well as a quiet time to reflect on someone’s life. Talk to your Funeral Director about a viewing in one of our private chapels.

What practical details do I need to consider?

There are many things to consider including highly individual ways to celebrate your loved one’s life. To make it easier to plan, here is a simple checklist for you to follow.

  • Would you prefer burial or cremation?
  • What day and time suits you and your extended family best?
  • Did your loved one have special wishes in their Will?
  • Would you like your ceremony in one of our private chapels performed by your choice of minister, priest or celebrant?
  • Who will advise details of the funeral in public notices?
  • What sort of casket do you prefer?
  • Who will carry the casket on the day?
  • Would you like a viewing of your loved one?
  • Who will lead the service? Choices include a family member, friend, clergy or celebrant?
  • Who will deliver eulogies?
  • What sort of music and / or video tributes would you like to commemorate your loved one?
  • Do you want readings or prayers during the service?
  • What flowers if any would you prefer?
  • Do you want to request donations to a charity in lieu of flowers?
  • Would you like the service to be recorded?
  • Do you want any special personal tributes – balloons, doves, guard of honour from a club or organisation?
  • Would you like refreshments after the service?

Can I have my after-funeral function at Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park?

Located opposite the Memorial Park’s Administration Office, Eastern Suburbs Memorial Centre offers a spacious, modern and comfortable setting to gather and celebrate the life of their loved one after the funeral service. The on-site catering services offers a variety of catering menus which can be altered to each family’s preferences.

For more information please call the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Centre directly on 02 9661 8865 or email

How can I choose to remember my loved one at Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park?

At Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, we specialise in memorialisation or permanent ways to remember your loved one in a truly magnificent setting.

We consult with you to choose the perfect memorial, considering spiritual beliefs, age, traditions and personality and create special ways to link your family together for generations to come.

To see our extensive and beautiful memorial options that you can visit all year round, please speak to our caring staff to arrange an appointment.

Can I pre-purchase a burial position or Cremation at Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park?

Planning ahead means one less detail to take care of when a loved one passes. The earlier you plan, the easier it is. Call us at any time to talk about our many superb locations.

You can also view options on our Pre-Plan and Pre-Pay page

How much does a funeral cost?

Funeral costs vary, depending on the type of details you choose. Generally costs fall into three main areas for you to consider.

1. Professional fees
These cover the main fees for arranging and conducting the funeral, including:

  • transfer to the funeral home
  • mortuary care
  • vehicles
  • chapel and clergy or celebrant
  • statutory authorities
  • our crematorium or burial costs
  • notices
  • florists and caterers
  • service booklets, music or video tribute

2. Coffin
The coffin you choose may be highly elaborate, personalised or very simple. Costs vary depending on the construction and finishes.

3. Memorial
Talk to us about the memorial you’d prefer. Our costs vary depending whether you decide on a tastefully designed plaque, wall niche, headstone, or decorative statue.

What if my child has passed away?

Nothing compares to the grief of losing a child and at Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, we offer compassionate care and deep understanding. Our two beautiful memorial sites created just for children are very special places for siblings and family to remember a greatly treasured little spirit who has passed.

Our Garden of Innocence is a fragrant place to say goodbye to a baby lost during pregnancy or stillbirth. The Children's Garden offers a beautiful resting place for very special children.

Find out more about our memorials for children here.

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