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Helping you cope

Everyone grieves in different ways and at different times. It’s important to talk with your family and a grief counsellor can also help you through a difficult and traumatic time.

  • Take time to adjust to the loss
  • Be good to yourself – stay healthy and well
  • Know that it’s all right to cry and feel low
  • It’s normal to feel relieved if a loved one passes after suffering for some time
  • Share feelings with a compassionate listener or professional counsellor
  • There’s no time limit to ‘feeling better’

For details of face-to-face counsellors and support groups for all ages, visit The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement Counselling.

Benefits of a funeral

A funeral offers closure and helps friends, family and everyone reflect. It’s a celebration and thanksgiving for their life and a chance to laugh, cry and express feelings about the person who has passed.

Memorialisation is a valuable and very important way to remember a loved one, helping you cope with grief over time. Our choice of beautiful memorial options in our magnificent grounds gives you a special unique place to visit in years to come and where future generations can remember someone special.

Woronora Memorial Park
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