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Helping you plan

To make it easy, here are three steps to follow to help you plan the funeral and create a fitting tribute.

  1. Choose a Funeral Director who you feel will meet your loved one’s wishes and reflect their personality and beliefs. They will organise the service or ceremony you desire taking into account all of your requests. An easy guide to locating Funeral Directors is listed below.
  2. Let your Funeral Director know if you would like the service in one of our chapels and whether cremation or burial best meets your needs. At Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, all of our cremations take place within the cemetery grounds. Be reassured that your loved ones ashes are treated with dignity at Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park.
  3. Choose how you would like to memorialise your loved one in our extensive and magnificent grounds. Please feel free to view our Memorialisation options on this website. You can visit them in the weeks, months and years following, in a safe and supportive environment.

Links - Your Easy Guide to Finding a Funeral Director in Your Area

Wherever you are in Australia, this convenient link to the National Funeral Directors Association that will help you find a Funeral Director close to you:

If you live in Sydney, here are some Funeral Directors in the metropolitan area.

A O'Hare Funeral Directors
Acropolis Funerals
Adriano Coluccio Funeral Services
Andrew Valerio & Sons
Afterlife Funerals
Andrew Kennedy Funerals
Argyle Funerals
Boland Funerals
Divinity Funerals
Elite Funeral Directors
Eternity Funerals
Euro Funeral Services
G W Kelly Family Funerals
Galaxy Funeral Services
Gregory & Carr Funerals
Guardian Funerals
H Parsons Funerals
Hamilton Funerals
Hansen & Cole Funerals
Heritage Funerals
J & C Hardy Funerals
John Wheatley Funerals
Joseph Medcalf Funeral Services
Kenneally's Funerals
Love & Care Funerals
Mannings Funerals
Metropolitan Funerals
Olsen's Family Funerals
Simplicity Funerals
Sincerity Funerals
Southern Cross Funerals
Southern Highlands Funerals
Walter Carter Funerals
White Lady Funerals
WN Bull

Woronora Memorial Park
Caring for our Community
SMCT - Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust